Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Charms from Elenamary's Charm Swap Arrived!

Here's my finished charm bracelet! This was so
much fun, I can hardly wait to do The Peace & Love
Charm Swap!

I happened upon a 1000 Market's Blog that
intrigued me, it was the very talented
Elenamary's beautiful Shop! She was organizing a Charm Swap and I jumped on it! I could
just imagine how incredibly wonderful the charms would be, considering, Elena was the host! Here's the Blog post I read!

There ended up being 11 of us participating in
this Flower Themed Charm swap and our deadline
was April 1st. Here are the charms I recieved!
The next time I blog it will be showing the
bracelet I made from these charming charms! I
want to thank Elena for hosting this event it
was my first 'charm swap' and
I loved it!

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jeff said...

Bracelets are beautiful and unique. Love those colorful bracelets.