Saturday, April 9, 2011

Echo, ECHO, Echoooooooooooo...Just Empty Walls...

Sorry folks, I moved out!
This blog was to showcase
my jewelry and artisan friends of
and since it no longer exists...

I began using my friends and family blog,
Cottage Hann~Me~Downs
as my blogging voice
and CrEaTiVe outlet
for my love of Cottage (decorating),
vintage treasures, thrifty finds, and whatever
else I want to share with my fellow bloggers,
(always with a bit of whimsy thrown in for fun)...
oh, and maybe, just maybe there will be
but you can always count on a
cuppa coffee!
The doors always open, please
feel free to come visit!

You can find me at: Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Be My Valentine, all found at Victorian Crossroad's Market

You can find all of these wonderful Valentine
idea's at 'Victorian Crossroad's Market,' at 1000Markets!

She calls this a little burlesque and I can
see why, it's such a fantastic piece of wearable
art!!! To see this and all of delight's fabulous
artwear, please go visit delightworthyn Art/Wares!

I think this brooch would be a fabulous Valentine
gift for your sweetie! You can find this and so
many more OOAK treasures in delightworthyn Art/Wares

These Valentine cards are beautiful, with such an
old fashtioned flair, you're sure to find your
Valentine the perfect card! You'll find a wonderful
assortment of Valentines in EarthPrints shop!

I looove how this artisan has made her Valentine cards
look so old fashiony, they're all so special and
you're sure to find just the right one for your
'Special Valentine' with this great assortment
in EarthPrints shop!

So many of us have pets we consider our babies, wouldn't
you agree, a portrait of your baby would be just about the
best Valentine present ever? I think so! You can find this
fantastic artist's work at 'Wind and Honey Creations'!

I thought this would be a darling Valentines present (
especially because of it's yummy lavender scent)
maybe for your Special Grandma!
You can find this in the shop called 'anna's trunk'!

These delightful earrings have 'Be Mine' written
all over them...well in my eyes they do!!!
They're adorable! You can find these sweet
dragonfly earrings in EverSoDear's shop!
This beautiful ring can be found in Alterity's Shopwhere you can find a variety of OOAK beautiful jewelry items made from 'No Harm' vintage buttons!

Adorable 'Love Letter' gift tags, You'll find these and so many
more at Catnip Studio's lovely gift tag shop!

I looove these darling gift tags for that 'SPECIAL VALENTINE'
in your life! You'll find these in 'Catnip Studio's shop'

I think this yummy Apple Rosemary Jelly would not only taste
delicious but be ever so pretty on your Valentine Breakfast
table, from the shop of 'Covered in Chocolate'
What Valentine Sweetheart (Man or Women) wouldn't
love this yummy treat from the shop of 'Covered in Chocolate'!

Please take a few minutes and go check these shops out and
all the others on the market too, you'll love what all
these artisans have for YOU!!!

Always, Debbie~

Friday, January 22, 2010

Idea's for Your Valentine!

These earrings could hold the key to her heart!

This sweet wearable art necklace is made with repurposed
vintage buttons, a heart locket and a pretty rhinestone!

A sweet solder pendant for your favorite Nana that Inspires YOU!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visit me at Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Hi there! I'm starting to blog on my Cottage Hann~Me~Downs
Please come over and check it out, I'll be using Baubles
blog for my jewelry business and promoting other artisan
friends here, but I'll be sharing my love of all things
cottage and how to's on this other site, please stop by
and I'd love to hear from you, if you have anything to
add, please feel free to share, and for goodness sake if
you're into the cottage look or if you call it by another
name (Shabby Chic, French Country etc.) please tell us
about it and what your up too!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Big Changes for me in Blog Land! (please note address change) thx.

Hi Everyone! I'm making some changes this New Year,
big time in my blog world! I'm basically flip flopping
this blog to my other one, (it was reserved for
family & friends), but I believe it will be wiser for
me to send you all over to Cottage Hann~Me~DownsIt's really hard to rename a blog and this has always been
hann~me~downs, but I'm renaming it Cottage
hann~me~downs, I think that best suits it and I think it'll
be a better fit for me! I'll still have Baubles Buttons & Beads,
but I'll just be listing my jewelry business items here as
well as featuring my artist friends!!! You're sure welcome to
visit this blog anytime you'd like and if you'd like to be featured
here with your art or if you have a shop cottage or vintage
etc. please contact me, I'd love to showcase YOU!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, from my little corner of the world, near the Emerald City!

I had good intentions, Yes I did, but as you know,
sometimes even the BEST intentions are sometimes
de-railed, so one of my New Years resolutions (and
yes, there are many) is to try just a little bit harder
to blog with a little more regularity... :)

New years Eve Day, I spent with my good friend Pattie, we
went junkin',(thrift stores & antique shops)sadly I was so
excited and in such a hurry when I left to meet her, I forgot
my camera, so I can't really show you much about the day, but
I can tell you we had a wonderful time, we both found some
fabulous treasures and a new(to us)antique mall we'd never
been to before, so we ended our day there and I know it will
be our first stop on our next treasure hunt!!!

I'll share pictures soon of what I just couldn't live without,
and Pattie sent me a couple pictures of some of her new treasures
to share with you too!

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Village People

About 20 years or more, I stopped at a yard sale near
my home and found a small tattered box, I peeked inside
and was soooo totally amazed at what I saw, it was
a tiny vintage village with darling little folks, some sitting
on pine cones others on ski's, but they were all so adorable!
I'd hoped to collect a village just like this one someday,
but I never dreamt I'd find it at a tag sale for $.50! So
needless to say I scooped the box up and the
rototiller I also found! To this day I believe it
to be my best yard sale EVER!!!

I love each and everyone of these little guys!

Each elf has such personality!