Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Peace & Love Friendship Bracelet!

In April Mem & I decided it would be fun to have a Charm Swap! We opened it up to the Peace & Love Market and of course the theme just had to be 'Peace & Love'! We had a great turnout, with 9 of us taking part! Our deadline was June 1st. We all worked creating our charming charms, making sure they were kept under wraps, until the great reveal!

My mailman might have thought I had a crush on him, if he'd known how many times I checked the mail from mid May to June 1st., to see if I had packages from my charmers!

Receiving these little packages from my Peace & Love friends, was like getting Christmas presents in the mail during the Holidays! I reveled in opening each package, wondering what kind of surprises I'd be finding inside!!! I'd squeal with delight as I opened these beautiful bundles of Peace & Love!!!

So finally, after much anticipation, the long wait is over, the charms came from all around the US, making their way to WA. State in the Pacific Northwest. I divvied them up and sent them to their new homes! We're finally ready to show our special bracelets that we've made from a little help from our friends at Peace & Love!

One of our charmers said, she's going to wear hers for 'good luck', others have called them a friendship bracelets! We know they'll be cherished and we're looking forward to our next charming swap already being talked about, for the near future!

We'll link our 'Blogs' so everyone can enjoy the beautiful bracelets that each of us has lovingly made from the beautiful charms sent to us by our friends in our charm swap!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~