Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Treasury! Magic from teamecoetsy...

My Eco "Logical" Rubber Stamp~

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'd been thinking about this for some time. I have a huge amount of rubber stamps, I  use for making cards, art projects with my students, and when my granddaughter visits, she also likes making projects with them...So, I started looking for one that had an eco message that I could use on my tags! I couldn't find one that had everything I wanted on it. About the same time I was looking for an eco stamp, I read about "Luchi Creations" ordering an eco friendly stamp, so she could explain to her customers about her recycled  packaging. I thought it was a great idea! So I decided to check into it! I worked on how I wanted mine to look, and what I wanted it to say and had create one for me too! So a huge, "SHOUT OUT" to "Luchi Creations" for her timely message about her eco stamp!!!, is very user friendly, and in no time, I had it ordered, and I'm happy to say, I have it already, and it's great!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sharon Willow~modeling

My "rescued" sweet little cabbage patch doll is modeling
my "Cheery Cherry" t-shirt & visor!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Teamecoetsy's Auctioning a Basket of eco-treasures!

Next month teamecoetsy is auctioning a basket
loaded with all sorts of items that team members
donated for this special event! As soon as we get the pictures of all the goodies that have been
donated. I'll post them here for all to see. Maybe
YOU'LL be the high bidder and win all!!!

We're donating all the proceeds to a
an Eco Group that we've voted on, and
believe does a lot for our environment!

I'll post more as we find out more details,
and pictures of what items are being auctioned!

Simplifying...Trying to organize & declutter~

My workroom is totally overwhelming...
I've got it all torn up and hopefully
in the end, it'll be a workable space
that I enjoy working in!!!
My space is very small and I usually
drag all my projects large or small, into
the dining room and we don't see our
table for long periods of time. :( I
hope that after I get my space organized
that I'll keep my projects in my workroom.
I wish I'd taken a pic before I started,
I'll take one to share when it's done!
For the time being, I have stuff spread
out all over the living room, we can't see
the dining room table, plus my workroom
itself is totally disheveled...I hope to
have it put together soon. Life will be
But, for today, my granddaughter Lulu,
is sick, so, I'll be with her and put
this mess on the back burner till later~
I'm fortunate to have summers off and
I'm available for mommy & daddy and
especially "little Lulu", I'm totally
into the mindset that "stuff"
can wait, Lulu loves her Nana, and I
find her little ways so free and inspiring,
I know she's going to show me so much
through her innocent eyes, that I'd
never even notice, it's amazing what
toddlers can teach us!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I scored a treasury on "Treasury West" yesterday

I lucked out and scored a treasury west!I titled it "Simplicity"!
I featured all ecoetsy artists. I love how it turned out. It's white on white mixed with shimmery silver at the same time. I liked that in one of the comments, she mentioned it reminded her of a wedding~ I simply wanted a calming visual of our team and I feel like I got it! It has two days left, go  peek!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~

Friday, June 13, 2008

Last Day of School!

I can hardly wait to go bare foot and feel the
warmth from the sun on my feet, radiating from
the hot cement off my patio. I love warm summer
mornings with coffee outside, watching for dancing
dragonflies and busy wasps landing in the pond
for long drinks, birds at our feeders and Sportz
at my feet! Oh, how I love summer break!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beautiful handblown glass~

I didn't check, but I think this glass exhibition
must be some of Dale Chihuly's! It caught my eye
as we walked by...Shimmering!!!

More Seattle Aquarium~

What a show off!

Our Class spent the day at the Seattle Aquarium~

This guy was spectacular!!! I only wish I
had thought to take a movie...

Wordless Wednesday~

Monday, June 9, 2008

Have 'you' listened to Eva?

I'm curious to know how many people
that have read my blog, have listened
to Eva Cassidy while visiting here?
I guess you can tell I love Eva
Cassidy's voice, and how she arranged
her songs! I have a few of her songs
here from youtube? Most of you have
heard her sing 'Songbird', it was
featured in a movie a few years ago,
and became very popular on the radio.
By that time, She'd been a huge
success in Britian and still is.

If you have an extra couple of minutes,
play one of her songs. I know it'll
be worth every second of your time! And,
if you do listen to her, please leave me
a message telling me what you think! Thx~

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Upcycled t-shirt Bag~Hand Painted~ With Eco Reminders

On Most of my bags I have an Eco-Friendly
message, some have eco related designs!
On the backside is the "t's"original
design(I consider mine now to be the front),
That's the wonderful thing about
Upcycling/recycling/repurposing.I wanted to
let you know I would love to include a
childs name or your last name on your bag,
(maybe using one of their fave T's they've
outgrown). I'll do any lettering (within reason)
for you. I'm having so much fun. For me to be
able to reuse something and also, spread my
Eco-Friendly messages, this is "Hanns Down"
a totally rewarding project for me~
Convo me at my etsy store with any questions!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thank you Sandi, for Lulu's darling "Cherry Dress"!

I added this picture so you could see Lulu's
Curley hair! She's getting ringlets down the

Even thought she's been sick with a cold all week,
she was a trooper about having her picture taken!
Showing us the cherries!!!

She's checking out the cherries on her new dress!

She seemed to love showing off her "New Dress"!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our students made their own grocery bags today~

I wish I could show you their smiling faces, they
were so proud of their t-shirt grocery bags!!! They're
hard to see, they blend into their own clothes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008