Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you ever Daydream what it would be like to own your own little Cottage? I do!

I've always loved this cottage, there aren't many
like it in our area! I hadn't seen this in years,
so yesterday I decided to go find it again and
daydream about how fun it would be to own a cottage
like this! I've loved it since I was a little girl!

I think this cottage is sooo sweet, could you just
imagine living in it?

I'd have to have a cottage garden all across the front
and side yards!

If it were mine, I'd clear the shrubs away from
the windows, so I could enjoy the cottage garden
& sunlight streaming through the windows!

Love their flower boxes, very sweet! You can tell
they love their sweet cottage on the hill!

I've always loved this cottage, there aren't many
like it in our area! I hadn't seen this in years,
so yesterday I decided to go find it again and
daydream about how fun it would be to own a cottage
like this!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does ANYONE do this? I get into one of my CrEaTiVe MoOdS....and the next thing I know, SiDeTrAcKeD! UGH....

A few weeks ago, right after the kids
wedding, I'd decided to finish some of my
unfinished projects, and work out some of the
designs I've had rattling around...I was doing
a GREAT job, I had a stack of soldering done,
just waiting for their bling to be added or
a ball chain or two...

Enough with he excuses, here are a few of

Pansy's run through out my house, a constant
reminder of my Grandma Stella! When I was
a little girl, she took me out her back
step and showed me her pansy garden, she
wanted me to see their pretty faces! I
cannot look at a pansy to this day and not
see their sweet pansy face, that she
shared with me that very special day!

For all of YOU Nana's who...Inspire, dance, sing,
are creative, that listen (mostly with your heart)
& cuddle...

I had to make this for YOU!

A little whimsy O'Mine Pansy!

I looove this cabbage rose and the sweet
little face peeking out!

You might not know this, but I looove anything
, including this little cottage picture!

My Mom would have loooved this!

...and the other side

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Victorian Crossroads Market Open's it's Doors, for YOUR buying Pleasure!

The Manager of Victorian Crossroads beautiful shop
is AS2 designs, This beautiful picture is a Digital
Abstract, that she uses as her avatar, I just
love it! Her shop has lovely photographs as well
as a wonderful assortment of beautiful greeting
cards, made with mixed media!
Come and meet the Merchants of her beautiful Market!
We welcome you to browse through the shops at your
leisure, keep in mind 'The Holidays' are right around
the corner, we surely have, just the perfect item,
on one of your loved ones lists!!! ENJOY!

I love Delta Moon Soapworks colorful wrappers and their names sound good enough to eat! :)
The lavender collection are all made with Lavender
Essential Oils!

Anthony's Beehive
is a colorful shop full of honey items and I really
think these honey straws are fabulous item, what
a wonderful gift they'd make the tea drinker in
your family (or am I the only tea drinker that adds

Among The Ruins is a delightful shop, full of very
unique jewelry, even her hand made chains are
beautiful. I love how she adds faceted glass
to her steampunk elements making them such
classic beauties!

Art by Jay is fabulous, I love all of his paintings!
Take a minute to read his blog to be inspired
like I was!

I love vintage buttons, so it would be impossible to
pick a favorite in Alterity's Shop, however, this tatted choker would be one of my faves!
This is one of my two favorite items,
that I looove in delightworthyn's shop, but there is sooo much more to choose from, you must look
at her ART/wares made from beautiful fabrics, some
hand dyed!

I'm a pushover for beautiful Roses, so these cards
really caught my eye, you'll find these beautiful cards,
pillows and so much more at Anna's Trunk!

Dark Horse Store has beautiful Fine Ceramic Art Collectables and
gifts! You'll find some fun holiday items available too!
I just love Ever So Dear's Butterfly Brooch
Collection and all of her beautiful jewelry
and I love how she uses vintage plates to highlight
her pretties!

These beautiful tags are just a tease, of the tags
you'll find for every holiday or wistful whimsy you'd
like! You've got to check out CatnipStudio!

I love the use of paper and fabric in these Collages!
You've got to go check out TwoCoolTexans and their blog!
You'll find this card along with beautiful personalized note cards and darling tags to name just a few products in EarthPrints Shop!

This beautiful Animal Portrait is one of many and just
a smig of what you'll find at Wind and Honey Creations! Beautiful artworks!

and lastly me....

One of my OOAK vintage bracelets you can find in my shop
Baubles Buttons & Beads

We welcome you with open arms, to this beautiful
new Market, Victorian Crossroads a beautiful addition to

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mama got a New Car so Papa got a New Set of Wheels!

This is not for the faint of heart...Avert your
eyes if red meat turns your stomache...

The Unveiling
There it is, in all it's glory...Papa's brand spanking
new 'Char Grill' barbeque!

Breaking it in...Rib Steak to Perfection!

Happiness Is... A Man with his favorite Grill WooHoo,
(that's not Girl) you read it right! :)

Now that's a meal fit for a 'King', rib steak,
four bean salad & fresh tomatoes right off the vine
(picked a couple of minutes before), mixed with
a light Italian dressing and feta cheese...

First Bite, hot off the new grill!

BTW, this is typical NW male gear...
his Seattle Sea Hawk "t", his camo baseball
cap & a couple days worth of stubble!
Gotta love em'!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Prius Has A First Name!

My Prius has a first name, I named her
P E A R L! If I seem overly excited about
my car, there's a really good reason!

I've wanted a Toyota Prius every since I first
heard about this Hybrid with a gas engine
AND was also battery powered! A couple of years
ago, when my car (an 89 Chrys. Lebaron),
needed a transmission, I had to make
a decision whether or not to get a new
car, or put out a huge amount of money
and fix it...we opted to fix
the Lebaron. Lately, the Lebaron's
needed more work, and hasn't been
as dependable as it use to be. ACK...

Then two things happened...A Government
stimulus.'Cash for Clunkers'(which sadly I didn't qualify for, because when
my Lebaron was new, it got upward of 22 mpg.)!
But, there was another opportunity
that I could take part in.
Just for the month of July, there was 'NO SALES TAX'
on new cars!!! That was enough to peak my interest!
I started looking around and realized there weren't
any Prius' in the state of Wa., they had
to be ordered (possibly a two mo. wait).
Talking to a salesman from a Toyota dealership
nearby, I was told, if I was there the next
morning, that they'd find out if they were getting
more than the six that were ordered
on their incoming shipment...if so, it would be
first come first serve! Needless to say, I was there
before 7am. the next morning.#1 in line...
I forgot to mention I wanted a white Prius, but
I also knew that I'd have to pretty much take what was
coming in, if I wanted to take part in the tax credit!!!
I talked to a women who was third in line after me,
she also wanted a white one...we both realized even one
of us would be extremely lucky to get a white one!

These cars were not actually coming in, they
were earmarked for that dealership and the vin
#'s were going to be on the computer, and that's the
only way I'd be able to get one before the month
of July was up... and qualify for
the tax exemption, I'd have to have the
car in possession...or the very least...the
vin# of the car I'd be getting!!!

I found out there were three other Prius'
coming in with the six already on order,
and one was was a model #5, which is
the top of the line with all the extra's. I'd
love one with all the bells & whistles, but truthfully
do I really need the fully loaded GPS system (when I can't
even figure out my cell phone)? I think not!
But, I said, YESSSSSSSSSS, I want it!
So, I was put on a list...

The next day, I was at my first jewelry show
and I got a call from my salesman saying he wanted to
ask me a question...My heart dropped...
He said some folks had ordered their Prius
two months ago,(this was there second one)
and when they came to pick it up
that morning, they found out that it didn't have
the back up camera like all the 2009's did...
It was a #3 model and only model's #4 & 5
of the 2010's have the back-up camera! His
question was...Did I want THAT ONE?? It was
there in the garage, no waiting for two months,
I could pick it up right now, if I wanted...OMG!
And did I mention it was WHITE model
#3!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I wanted it, "He
said, great!" (and put them on the
list for my model #5)! I just LOVE my
Toyota salesman!!! :) Thanks Jason!

When they opened the next morning, I was
there, and home with Pearl a couple of hours later!!!

The people that had ordered her, had her
Pearlized...How wonderful! So that's why my Prius
has a first name, I had to name
her Pearl, it seemed perfect for a person
that makes jewelry to have a car named
Pearl! This is my first new car and
probably my last car-------------> Because I'm all about
doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint!

Peace & love, Debbie~

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Hate To Admit to This Blond Moment!

I really hate to admit this, but sadly I lost
your phone #! Please call me!!!

If You bought this delightful Jade Necklace from
me in Anacortes Wa., at Shipwrecked Days,
Please use the card I gave you and call me!!!

Here are your equally delightful
'Jade Earrings' to match your lovely OOAK necklace!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beautiful Wedding Simply Elegant!

casual outdoor summer wedding on a glorious day, with family & friends is a happy occasion to have and behold! Pure creative joy...on a budget!

My new daughter-in-law had a vision of how her wedding day would be, she, like so many young women, wanted it to be 'fairy-tale' like, in that she would have the beautiful gown and walk out surprising her husband to be, with her ravishing smile and in that very moment, be transformed into that wonderland of what dreams are made of! From that time in a young girls life of make believe and wondering who her prince would be, until this very moment when all her hopes, dreams and plans came together for this enchanting moment when they gazed into each others eyes, feeling a love like no other! I was there and saw this gaze, they held it for more than a moment and we could all feel it... the love and mutual respect this couple were feeling shined from within!

She had her 'Prince' and he his 'Princess', it hasn't always been an easy road to this enchanting day, but it will be one they'll both remember happily ever after!!!

As the Mom of the groom, I wasn't sure of my role, but knew I'd happily accept any job in making this day special for my kids. Once she told me her colors and I understood there wasn't going to be a lot of help, I decided that very moment that, HER DAY would be as special as I could make it! My son's only request, was for it to be the magical day that SHE envisioned, (which in turn, would make him a happy man). Knowing I could pull from all my experiences from years of arts of crafts, along with involving our wonderful family, I could easily with their help, make this a beautiful day to remember! So I began this journey into wedding planning on a budget with flair!

The plans started with the 'Bride to be' finding the perfect dress, veil and shoes, she was so excited, the dress was exactly how she had imagined it to be, simply elegant!

Next, knowing the 'Bride to be' wanted an outdoor wedding, we chose the perfect location for their 'Summer Wedding', our hometown park, with a beautiful gazebo with river rock and timbers, a perfect spot to be married in, with a wonderful 'reception hall' for their wedding party! Luckily it was available on their special day and we were able to rent it and reserve the gazebo, all for an affordable cost (and with careful cleanup, a refundable deposit)!

Just before Easter, at a large department store, I noticed beautiful light green dresses that would be perfect for the little flower girls, I bought 2 of each size(since I wasn't sure if they ran small, the store was okay with me returning a set) for Lulu (two years old) the couples daughter and her cousin Bella (also two)! Not only were the dresses the perfect color and style, they were also a bargain at half price! I also found a dress shirt, (also on sale) to match the green dresses, for Bella's brother Spencer, the 'Ring Bearer'! The 'Bride to Be' thought they were darling and the color was perfect!

I shopped for bargains when I could, always taking 40% off coupons to Joann's and Michaels whenever I needed ribbon or any craft items! I luckily was able to make many of the wedding extra's, that would have added up quickly and might have otherwise been cut out of the budget! It also helped, that I have time off work during the summer, so burning the midnight oil was okay, as my days and nights sometimes melded together, while I was engrossed in various projects that needed so much of my time!

I slowly started buying vintage glassware at my favorite thrift stores! I was able to find beautiful creamers, sugar bowls, candy and nut dishes that were perfect!

I asked the 'Grooms' Great Aunt if she'd make the wedding cake, (she'd basically retired from making them a couple of years before), she said, "With some help, she'd love too!" We were so excited, to have our Auntie do this for us! She told me how many cake mixes, pounds of butter, shortening and powdered sugar to buy! It was to be decorated with fresh flowers all white with a hint of natural greens! How wonderful!

The Minister was chosen and the couple was able to work with her, going over different ceremonies & wording, to came up with the perfect ceremony, just the way they wanted it!

The invitations were a wedding kit from Michaels, that the couple and I spent an afternoon putting together in their colors with the wording & font they'd chosen.

I designed their wedding programs in their colors of green and made them into fans to be used during the wedding. Using 1 sheet of card stock folded in half, with a painted paint stick for the handle, (just in case it was a very hot day)! What a fun wedding memento!

The 'chair/pew bows' ten sets of two, to go down each side of the isle, were so much fun to make! A little over 4 yards of white tulle made into bows, with long flowing ends, each with flowers, ribbons(assort. green), Czech beads & vintage pearls with fresh ivy added the day of the wedding! These took a few days to make, with yards and yards of tulle, but they were well worth the time, making the outdoor seating, all the more festive!

I ordered a lot of decorations from 'Oriental Trader', their prices are fantastic and they offer a catalog full of specialty wedding items, we ordered a beautiful wedding banner with the couples name on it, heart napkins with their names and wedding date, chocolate coins, packaged mints saying 'thanks for making our day special', lacy table coverings, special flowers with beads and ribbon to tie onto their napkins! Delivered quickly and all for such fabulous prices!

We were also having the rehearsal dinner at our home, I had decided to have an Italian theme, in keeping true to (part) of the Grooms heritage! I made the lasagna a few days ahead of time and froze it, also making a second huge pan for the wedding! We had awesome breads, Caesar salad, olive salad, olives stuffed with garlic, fresh fruit and an Italian dessert of Gelato. Now to share the really important part of this wedding story...We had lots of family help, and couldn't have done this by ourselves or if we had, it's true to say, it would not have been quite so wonderful and as smooth!!! Jerry's sis and brother in law, came early in the afternoon before the rehearsal dinner and dug in helping do what ever needed to be done and they worked non stop, even waiting on tables and busing, after our wonderful rehearsal dinner!!! Honestly this was a family affair and we're so grateful for their help, beyond what simple words can convey! They also came back early in the morning to start over again in helping us do, what ever they could for the wedding, (angels in disguise)!

Since I'd offered to do flowers for the wedding, my original plan was to go to our wonderful nearby 'Farmers Market', to find a grower that I could U-pick the flowers on the Wednesday before the wedding, but as I inquired with each and every flower vendor, I soon found out they do NOT have U-pick fields, but told me (like others) that in the nearby valley there was such a farm...They also told me if I wasn't able to pick them myself, that I would find them(all the vendors) at Seattle's Pike Place Market, any given day during the week!

After 2 1/2 hours of driving from one end of the valley to the other, I realized the only U-pick fields were Dalia's in August! So after a quick drive home to pick up Jerry, we were off and running to the city ...We were quite a sight with our six BRIGHT orange, 5 gallon buckets (we'd bought the night before at 'Home Depot')! During the tourist season 'Pike Place Market' is crowded like any other famous tourist destination and hard to maneuver oneself around, let alone carrying six (5gal.) buckets!!! We had a ball though, we went from vendor to vendor and pretty much bought up everything we could find in white...We met a florist from Indiana, amazed at what we were able to buy at the Market, for such fabulous prices! She said, "she couldn't find such wonderful deals at home"! All in all, we were ecstatic about our purchases and with full buckets in hand, we weaved in and out of the crowds and back the 3 blocks to our car and SLOWLY made our way back home, in rush hour traffic, with big smiles and beautiful flowers!!! We added two dozen white and two dozen green roses to our flower buckets from Costco!

My Aunt & Uncle brought over their small refrigerator for the finished flowers, and it proved to be a lifesaver...way better control, than the coolers I'd planned on using!

When it came time to start the flowers, I was a little worried about doing the wrist corsages for the 'Maid of Honor' and the 'Junior Brides Maid', I'd never made one before! The Groom had collected all the vases to be used for the arrangements and the Bride (to be) had chosen small river rocks to put into the bottoms of each vase for a natural look, that really did add to the simply elegant look of the beautiful fresh flowers! I loved doing them, each one was totally unique! The 8 boutonniere's were quick and fun, made with green roses with cedar sprigs, off our trees! I really enjoyed making the 5 corsages with pretty ribbons, Czech beads and vintage pearls! Then came the time for the wrist corsages, oddly enough, they ended up being the most fun, using vintage pearls, beautiful green ribbons, white roses with fresh babies breath and other small flowers, they were perfect! ...until the next morning (the day of the wedding) and the greenery I'd chosen was as limp as a wet noodle! I was so upset, I had so much left to do, I really didn't want to pull those apart, but I did and it all worked out just fine!

The tables were set with white table clothes with green cut out doilies under each vase of fresh flowers. A large wedding dinner napkin was placed at each place setting with the silverware in a neatly folded green napkin tied with white wedding beads, ribbons & posies on top! (put together by the Maid of Honor)! A very pretty goblet for the toast was added for the 'Sparkling Cider', a bargain from Costco! We'd decided not to serve alcohol, the price of the hall for the 'special' insurance policy, an added security person and additional cost of the alcohol itself, seemed too much, for a family oriented party!!!

The Bride made sweet memento's of mints, almonds, chocolates & bubbles, wrapped in a filigree heart with ribbon signed the Bride & Groom, wrapped in green tulle as a little gift!

We shared with family that it was a pot luck picnic, along with our lasagna, Caesar salad, rolls and garlic stuffed olives and lots of strawberry shortcake! Topped off with our Aunties delicious wedding cake, Thanks Auntie Sally!!! Yummy!

The actual wedding ceremony was truly beautiful, the wording they'd chosen was perfect, the flower girls were so adorable and took their jobs so serious, sprinkling their rose petals ever so carefully down the isle! The ring bearer was even more serious, standing so still, eyes forward, of the flower girls kept on going, (his sister)right through the gazebo to the other side and right across the park to the ...yep you guessed it, the play area!!! Her Grandfather, my brother (an usher) was quickly on the task of recovering the run away flower child!!! :) I have to say, I loved it, it was a perfect 2 yo. get away and we have a beauty of a story to tell about her later on!!!

Here's a little peek into this couples special day, and by the way, the Bride said, it was PERFECT!!!

A 'Special Thank YOU to everyone that helped, it was because of Y'all that it was so wonderful, and special mention to Pat & David, for two days of never ending help, We Love YOU!!!