Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet Peace & Love's Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Yes, the rumor is true…we have a winner! Congratulations Starry Home Crafts. Mary Ellen tirelessly traveled through our shops on the Peace & Love caravan and bravely sought out the sacred trivia!

Mary Ellen’s shop is filled with beautiful quilted treasures. She is currently working on a Charity Quilt for Chidamoyo Christian Hospital, and she is recording her progress in her blog. The quilt is beautiful, click on the link to go
check it out!

A big thank you goes out to all participating shops and all trivia hunters! The Trivia Scavenger Hunt was a fantastically fun success for all involved. We sold items, increased views, and made friends along the way. We will definitely have another one in the coming summer months.

And a huge thank you to Maribeth our Game Master!
She organized the whole game and her husband
Vinnie made the the fun graphic for us, we can't
say enough for all the hours of prep time and
how wonderful it all turned out, thanks again
Maribeth, the success of our game was all
because of 'YOU'!!!

A Huge 'Thank You' to one of our managers our
tireless Cheerleader Mem, of Mem's Pocket Palette,
she donated the beautiful 'Sacred Hearts outfit' and
matching jewelry set,(that she made) for the winner
of our Scavenger Hunt!!! She has one of the biggest
hearts and is always there to cheer all of us on!!!

Most of this post was from Maribeth's post at
the Peace & Love's Blog, I want to give credit
where credit is due! :)

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