Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silversmith and Jewelry Artist Beth Miller

I want to introduce Beth Miller to you!
She lives in Marquette, Michigan and has
a fabulous shop on 1000 Markets, called
Beth Miller Silversmith & Jewelry Artist! Stop
by her shop and check out all the beautiful
items she has! She also does custom orders,
so, if you can't find something, but have an
idea, let Beth know and you may be able to
order it!!! Enjoy~

This beauty is called 'Moon Mountian Necklace'

Love these copper chick earrings!

She calls this 'Big Chick Pendant' pierced & cut
copper, very unique!

...and this, 'Dos Chirridos', beautiful copper
birds sitting in sterling silver hoop!

I've noticed Beth's beautiful
work for awhile on 1000 Markets, and
keep going back to see what she's up
too! I love her bird and leaf designs,
but all her work is beautiful!
This is only a small sample of Beth's
beautiful work, be sure to stop in her
shop and see all her fantastic jewelry!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

HUNDREDS OF DOGS SEIZED in an animal cruelty investigation!!!

I know a lot of you, in our area are
well aware of the on going investigation
of the huge puppy mill operation.

A total of nearly 600 dogs have been seized
since Jan. 16 in Snohomish and Skagit counties.
Many of the animals were found living in
deplorable conditions, officials said.
The dogs didn't have sufficient food and
water and were covered with urine and feces.
(The Everett Herald)
Now the life saving task of how to take
care of all these dogs, from the actual
rescue, cleaning, feeding, medical
attention (some needed it ASAP)and

After seeing this horrible report on the
evening news, I also read about it in
The Everett Herald. I immediately thought of my two favorite shelters in our area!
SPOT ('Saving Pets One at a Time'),
is very near and dear to my heart,
(We adopted our dog through them)!!!

I checked out their website and sure
enough, they've been working with the
rescue and are asking for our help, please
go check it out, there are several ways
that we can help!
Their gratitude goes out, to the hundreds
of volunteers that have already stepped up,
and unselfishly offered their help!

My other favorite rescue shelter N.O.A.H. (Northwest Organization for Animal Help)!!!
(This is where we adopted our cat Elfie
from)!!! She too, was taken from a horrible
situation in our state, a few years ago.
I can't say enough for these rescue
organizations that go in and save these
animals!!! NOAH alone, took in 50 of these
dogs (did I mention, they're a'NO KILL'
Shelter)? Please check out
their website and see how you can help
with this horrible situation!!!

I've had this on my mind for sometime,
and because of this terrible situation,
I've decided to act now!...
I'm very excited about this and hope
others will do the same, for their
favorite charities!!! PLEASE TRY!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


No Kidding!!! I'm dead serious, I went
to Shipwrecked Beads Warehouse today!

MR.BBB dropped me off,(he headed down
the road to the 'NEW' Cabelas Store), and I
had my first experience shopping at
I have to say, it was a
fantastic experience and the time I had, breezed by like a 'Nano Second'!!! I pretty much had stars in
my eyes...It's pretty hard being what I
call myself...A CROW, in a place chock
full of beautiful, shiny, fauceted baubles
and beads every color, shape and size and
not find myself absolutely shell shocked!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

~BEST FRIENDS~ It will warm your heart!!!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Handcrafted in SEATTLE Market

My plan has been to feature an artisan
from 1000 Markets once a week, but with the holidays, being sick, the snow,
and going back to work! I wasn't
quite into blogging like I should've been,
which is okay, because I loved having Ellen's
beautiful birds here!!!
So I chose a Market, grabbed a few
of it's shops and urge you to go
visit the rest of it's fabulous
So of course, it had to be
Handcrafted in Seattle's Market!!! Here are some
of it's awesome Merchants!!!

anandi's laboratory

anandi's shop is full of fun items!
She makes ID tags for people, pets &
, plus her nifty science themed
gifts and jewelry for the 'Geeks' in
your life!!! Check out her shop blog too!

SeattleSundries has beautiful soaps!
All of her soaps are made with natural olive,
palm and coconut oils and scented with pure
essential oils. There are no chemicals like
those used in many mass-produced commercial
soaps and “beauty bars”, so her soap will not
dry your skin or harm the earth.

I Lovvre this beautiful leash!!!(Your
dog would be so envied at your
neighborhood doggie park)!!!

Greenbelts Is an
awesome recycler, this merchant recycles leather
from belts and upcycles them into wearable art!
You'll find these 'Ankle Corset Cuffs' in
this eco friendly shop!

ZebraLilly Shop
This fabulous pair of earrings
called 'Morrocan Nights' are a
sampling of what you'll find in
this Seattle artisans shop!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Love of Vintage Repurposed Jewelry

I love finding a vintage piece of
jewelry I can repurpose into a
beautiful, 'NEW', wearable art piece!
As I arrange each piece, it's as if
they're talking to me, coming together
into an exciting meld of new and old!

I made these Spaceneedle earrings for a Challenge
Etsy Rain hosted! I thought it would be fun to
repurpose the vintage sweater clips, into
earrings for this 'Seattle' Etsy group!!!

This is my newest Baubles Buttons & Beads
OOAK bracelet in my 1000 Markets Shop!