Thursday, July 31, 2008

My First Time on the Front Page!

My pyrex cards on the bottom left corner!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is how Etsy began...Founder/CEO Robert Kalin

Pat's got a "Brand New Upcycled Bag"

Pat designed what she wanted on her own bag. You can too!!! Just convo me!

Revamped my bag style~

I curated this treasury West! I love the colors!

Love each of these items featured, beautiful earth colors!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's The Big Day for The Scrappiest Scrapbook Challenge!!!

Wow, Sewphisticate has me featured today
in her blog!!! I'm so glad I accepted her incredible
challenge!!! It was so much fun to be a part of this.
The mini scrapbook was delightful to work
on, and knowing it was made out of 'ONE' piece of
paper, by the art of Origami was even more incredibly
special! I hope what I chose and did to this little
mini scrapbook, lived up to Sewhisticate's

I encourage everyone to go take a peek
daily to see each and every mini
scrapbook that's featured, the next few
weeks! You may get bitten by the mini bug
and want to try one of your own!!!

I loved chatting with so many of you
during this challenge, I'll be reading
about each and every one of "YOU",
and enjoying each of your beautiful
mini scrapbooks!!!

Thank's again Sewphisticate for
doing this wonderful challenge!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Special People of Etsy~

I joined a thread last night, and met
a very helpful Etsy person!!! She
helped me do something I was unsure
and really worried about doing myself.
Actually this wonderful person not
only helped me, she did it!!! A huge
"SHOUT OUT" to JeweledAmbrosia
for helping me in so many ways!!!
Then she taught me how to use
new functions in my blog, which
was huge, but the #1 Biggie, is
that she is my 'FIRST SALE'.
How do you thank a person like this?!?!
I know I'll always remember her
friendliness, willingness to help, and
in such a short time I also can say,

Please go visit her shops,
Jeweled Ambrosia is gorgeous
Jewelry~little Lovables
is her other shop, full of
clothing and fantastic toys!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I accepted Sewphisticate's Challenge!

Etsy's Sewphisticate, asked people in
a thread, if they'd like to accept a
challenge to "The Scrappiest Scrapper
Contest", We all would have the same
materials to begin with.

Sew, sent each of us a "mini Origami
scrapbook", she'd made, in an adorable
matching box! We were told we could do
anything we wanted to them. When we're
done, she asked us to take pictures just
like we'd be listing the mini to sell,
and send them to her! Then she'll set
up her blog with questions for us, and
feature all our mini's on it!!!

She told us the size, and believe me,
that teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy mini (2"x1.5"),
scrapbook was quite the challenge to me!
I wasn't able to use my first two idea's
because the mini was too small, but I
quickly came up with an idea and went
for it!!! I finished last night and sent
Sew the pictures.

My mini's up, and linked to flickr, go
take a peek, the whole book is there. Go
check out Sew's blog. It'll be a blast to see
everyone's creation! I want to mention
there were 20 of us, that accepted Sew's
challenge, and she made each one of us
these adorable little scrapbooks
matching boxes & a fantastic envelope.

One thing I wanted to share, is that she
uses only "ONE" piece of paper to make the
mini scrapbook, everything she'd made
was origami, Sew phisticate & creative!

Wordless Wednesday~ :)