Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peace & Love Trivia Scavenger Hunt

Hi all! The Peace & Love Market is holding a Trivia Scavenger Hunt at the beginning of April. (We will posting the exact date soon.)

The hunt is open to everyone on 1km and we have some really hip & cool prizes for the winner.

Right now we are in the stage of seeking pilgrims for the hunt. Our trivia theme is “Music & Dance from the 60s & 70s” and all you would have to do as a pilgrim is go on a groovy journey through our market seeking the sacred trivia.

If you’re interested in being a pilgrim, just pop on by the "P & L forums" and sign up.

So come join us on our pilgrimage and access your inner flower child. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s fabulously festive!

A special thank you to our Game Manager 'BriefMoments'
for all the work she's put into our Scavenger Hunt!
(and the use of this blog post too)! :) ty xo Debbie~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inner Peace~

Have you ever had something that you've saved because it was very special! Something you might not have laying around for the world to see, but have kept on a shelf not too far away? Something that you loved a lifetime ago, yet, you haven't thought about it, or even looked at it for a few years? But when you do accidently run across it, you get that same warm familiar feeling, like when you pull out that old pair of comfy leather sheep lined slippers each winter! Right? You know exactly what I'm saying! Something so familiar, maybe even a little worn, but the second you see it, you 'Flash Back' immediately to a time and place in your life, that was so special that it makes you smile the second you lay eyes on it! BAM! Memories come flooding back to you!

Mine was an old tie dyed t-shirt from the past, with bright beautiful colors! ...Sadly I lost it, I don't remember when it was gone, but I've never forgotten it. I loved it and wore it proudly, as if it were my personal signature, my colors!

Last year I found another t-shirt with beautiful colors tie dyed to perfection! Not my old familiar shirt, but beautiful just the same! A thrift store find, making it seem even better! I now look for these shirts, collecting them, giving them a new life by repurposing them into wearable art and usable bags, (which helps me reduce my carbon footprint a little by being a little more eco friendly)! I add lots of fringe, (my trademark as a kid, I just had to have it hanging off of me somewhere)!

I hold my memories near my heart, they're forever with me, be it a favorite song, Sky River Festival, (the Pacific NW's Woodstock), a road trip to SF, Concerts at the WWS College, falling hopelessly in love or holding my son for the very first time. My old tie dyed t-shirt was woven through magical years of my life!

The memory of my old shirt as I carry my tie dyed bag comes full circle, it still makes me smile and takes me to a place where my childhood days were behind me and yet the young adult I had become, was still searching for an inner 'Peace' as I fought for my own independence and dreams of a 'World of Peace & Love'!

I'm still dreaming of 'World Peace', but I do have an inner peace now, Jerry & my family, my job, (working with handicapped children), my friends and my creative energy have given me, which also brought me to 1000 Markets!

So in a world of turbulence, jobs lost, wars still being fought, our beloved 'Mother Earth' in crisis...I started thinking about my youth and how I actually arrived at this place, where I've found inner peace, with a world of unrest all around me!

In an odd way, it started reminding me of the 60's-70's and how we were strengthened by family values and how my parents worked hard for a better tomorrow...which brought me to a recurring idea of how happy I was back then and how I really loved that time in my life! There was so much going on, that 'WAS' good! I often day dream of what I carry with me from those days. I still listen to the fabulous music, (we now call it "Classic Rock"), I still wear jeans that were my daily uniform back then. We'd have 'Sit In's' and talk over problems and share our ideas, wants and dreams!!! (Truly a beautiful experience, for a kid fighting for independence). I grew up 'believing' that 'WE' could change the world and make it a better place!

This brings me to the here and now!!! When I first came to 1000 Markets it was still fairly new and had just a few Markets. I started thinking of all the different Markets that I imagined would be arriving and what a wonderful opportunity it was for all of us! I wondered where my place would be amongst the different Markets and how I would fit in! That's when it hit me...A place for me. A Market. That was not only a beautiful memory of mine, but would be a Market where other 'Hippies' from the day, would find their way and want to be a part of the 'Happening' too! Where this unique group of artisans could reminisce, share stories and feature their products, that are as beautiful and diverse as each of us are! So I am so genuinally happy to be telling 'YOU' that is how the beautiful Market of 'Peace & Love' was born!

Along the way, I met my sista's Mem & Sue! Our family continues to grow, we've adopted Lee, JJ, katy and a whole lotta family friends!!! We're a peace loving family, who listen to music together, share memories, tell stories and who've worked hard to open our Market doors, to the public! So come browse 'Peace & Love' Market you're guaranteed to have a 'Far Out' time shopping with the wide selection of 'Groovy products', our merchants have lovingly hand made for you! 'Peace Out' and enjoy your time at this wonderful 'Happening'!!!

xoxo Debbie~