Saturday, April 4, 2009

Peace & Love Markets Trivia Scavenger Hunt Has Begun!

Welcome to Our First Annual Peace & Love Trivia Scavenger Hunt!

We want you to access your inner flower child and go on a pilgrimage through our shops to seek out the answers to our sacred trivia. So jump on the Peace & Love Caravan and enjoy the ride!

The journey begins on April 5th and ends at midnight EST on April 12th.

The Rules of Your Trivia Journey:
Throughout the Peace & Love market, trivia questions & answers have been planted in shops for you to find and harvest. (Participating shops are listed at the end of this post.)

When you find our groovy graphic, read through the shop’s blog post to find the trivia question. Then somewhere in one of their product descriptions, you will find the answer. Be sure to take down the name of the shop and copy the trivia answer exactly how you see it in the product description.

Then, before leaving the shop, please comment on the shop’s wall referencing the hunt in some way.

The first pilgrim who emails me the list of shops with the correct corresponding answers will win a beautiful dress with matching jewelry, all lovingly made by Mem’s Pocket Palette.
The hunt ends officially at midnight EST on April 12th. I will be contacting the winner in the days following the hunt.

Our pilgrimage is open to everyone, so come join in on the fun and collect a little trivia along the way.

Shop Holders of the Sacred Trivia


Baubles Buttons Beads



Jewel Fire Designs





A very special Thank you to Maribeth
of BriefMoments for all the hours upon hours
of hard work she's put into organizing this
fabulous Scavenger Hunt!!!

This beautiful graphic was illustrated by Maribeth's
(BriefMoments) husband Vinnie, we thank you from
the bottom of our hearts!

1 comment:

Mem said...

You aren't cheating are you? LOL Some of those are hard. I think I have the right answer then can't find them.

It's fun though so I'm off to do some more searching:)

Hugs, Mem