Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year, from my little corner of the world, near the Emerald City!

I had good intentions, Yes I did, but as you know,
sometimes even the BEST intentions are sometimes
de-railed, so one of my New Years resolutions (and
yes, there are many) is to try just a little bit harder
to blog with a little more regularity... :)

New years Eve Day, I spent with my good friend Pattie, we
went junkin',(thrift stores & antique shops)sadly I was so
excited and in such a hurry when I left to meet her, I forgot
my camera, so I can't really show you much about the day, but
I can tell you we had a wonderful time, we both found some
fabulous treasures and a new(to us)antique mall we'd never
been to before, so we ended our day there and I know it will
be our first stop on our next treasure hunt!!!

I'll share pictures soon of what I just couldn't live without,
and Pattie sent me a couple pictures of some of her new treasures
to share with you too!

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