Monday, August 17, 2009

My Prius Has A First Name!

My Prius has a first name, I named her
P E A R L! If I seem overly excited about
my car, there's a really good reason!

I've wanted a Toyota Prius every since I first
heard about this Hybrid with a gas engine
AND was also battery powered! A couple of years
ago, when my car (an 89 Chrys. Lebaron),
needed a transmission, I had to make
a decision whether or not to get a new
car, or put out a huge amount of money
and fix it...we opted to fix
the Lebaron. Lately, the Lebaron's
needed more work, and hasn't been
as dependable as it use to be. ACK...

Then two things happened...A Government
stimulus.'Cash for Clunkers'(which sadly I didn't qualify for, because when
my Lebaron was new, it got upward of 22 mpg.)!
But, there was another opportunity
that I could take part in.
Just for the month of July, there was 'NO SALES TAX'
on new cars!!! That was enough to peak my interest!
I started looking around and realized there weren't
any Prius' in the state of Wa., they had
to be ordered (possibly a two mo. wait).
Talking to a salesman from a Toyota dealership
nearby, I was told, if I was there the next
morning, that they'd find out if they were getting
more than the six that were ordered
on their incoming shipment...if so, it would be
first come first serve! Needless to say, I was there
before 7am. the next morning.#1 in line...
I forgot to mention I wanted a white Prius, but
I also knew that I'd have to pretty much take what was
coming in, if I wanted to take part in the tax credit!!!
I talked to a women who was third in line after me,
she also wanted a white one...we both realized even one
of us would be extremely lucky to get a white one!

These cars were not actually coming in, they
were earmarked for that dealership and the vin
#'s were going to be on the computer, and that's the
only way I'd be able to get one before the month
of July was up... and qualify for
the tax exemption, I'd have to have the
car in possession...or the very least...the
vin# of the car I'd be getting!!!

I found out there were three other Prius'
coming in with the six already on order,
and one was was a model #5, which is
the top of the line with all the extra's. I'd
love one with all the bells & whistles, but truthfully
do I really need the fully loaded GPS system (when I can't
even figure out my cell phone)? I think not!
But, I said, YESSSSSSSSSS, I want it!
So, I was put on a list...

The next day, I was at my first jewelry show
and I got a call from my salesman saying he wanted to
ask me a question...My heart dropped...
He said some folks had ordered their Prius
two months ago,(this was there second one)
and when they came to pick it up
that morning, they found out that it didn't have
the back up camera like all the 2009's did...
It was a #3 model and only model's #4 & 5
of the 2010's have the back-up camera! His
question was...Did I want THAT ONE?? It was
there in the garage, no waiting for two months,
I could pick it up right now, if I wanted...OMG!
And did I mention it was WHITE model
#3!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I wanted it, "He
said, great!" (and put them on the
list for my model #5)! I just LOVE my
Toyota salesman!!! :) Thanks Jason!

When they opened the next morning, I was
there, and home with Pearl a couple of hours later!!!

The people that had ordered her, had her
Pearlized...How wonderful! So that's why my Prius
has a first name, I had to name
her Pearl, it seemed perfect for a person
that makes jewelry to have a car named
Pearl! This is my first new car and
probably my last car-------------> Because I'm all about
doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint!

Peace & love, Debbie~

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

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Mem said...

Pearl is so dang cute! I can't wait to go for a ride. I may have to put my thumb out like the good ol' days and get my butt to Wa. Pearl is calling me, I can hear it loud and clear. LOL

Hugs, Mem