Saturday, August 29, 2009

Does ANYONE do this? I get into one of my CrEaTiVe MoOdS....and the next thing I know, SiDeTrAcKeD! UGH....

A few weeks ago, right after the kids
wedding, I'd decided to finish some of my
unfinished projects, and work out some of the
designs I've had rattling around...I was doing
a GREAT job, I had a stack of soldering done,
just waiting for their bling to be added or
a ball chain or two...

Enough with he excuses, here are a few of

Pansy's run through out my house, a constant
reminder of my Grandma Stella! When I was
a little girl, she took me out her back
step and showed me her pansy garden, she
wanted me to see their pretty faces! I
cannot look at a pansy to this day and not
see their sweet pansy face, that she
shared with me that very special day!

For all of YOU Nana's who...Inspire, dance, sing,
are creative, that listen (mostly with your heart)
& cuddle...

I had to make this for YOU!

A little whimsy O'Mine Pansy!

I looove this cabbage rose and the sweet
little face peeking out!

You might not know this, but I looove anything
, including this little cottage picture!

My Mom would have loooved this!

...and the other side


Mem said...

Those are SO awesome Willis! You are becoming an expert at those pendents girl! I love them! I really love the cabbage one with face. You Rock!

Hugs, Mem

Anonymous said...

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cinderelly said...

these are so pretty! i really like the nana one, my g-babies call me nana.