Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Thirteen on 'The Fourth of July'!

1)...My earliest memories of the 4th. were
playing with sparklers and watching our hometown
firework displays!

2)... I loved pic-nics with extended family!

3) a kid, I liked the stinky smell of fireworks!

4)...when I got older, I loved going to buy fireworks
at the stands at our local grocery store.

5)...later on, the reservation in our town started selling
fireworks, which changed our quiet towns 4th. of
July forever...

6)...We now have Boom longer safe & sane!

7) across the freeway from this 4th. of
July hot spot, means LOUD BOOMS at
all hours of the night, during the time they start
selling til a few days after the fourth!

8)...I no longer like the smell of fireworks!
I have a hard time breathing when I'm around
them and traffic tie ups on the 4th. are horrendous,
we spend the day with family at our Aunt & Uncles
at the beach, sadly we have to deal with Boom City's
traffic to get there...UGH!

9)...Now for the really good things
about the 4th. We enjoy seeing family we don't see that
often, the babies are a year older and are amazing,
(two babies are due this month anytime)'s a time
to catch up on every ones lives and share what's
new and we try not to notice we're getting a little
bit grayer...a time to renew family ties!

10)...Everyone brings such awesome food to share!
We eat pretty much when everyone gets there and
then graze throughout the day, nobody goes home

11)...This year it means, it's exactly one week away
from the kids wedding!!! Exciting times!
(crunch time)!

12)...The highlight for many is Cousin Chris' firework
display, I hear he's handing it over to the older kids
this year...A right of passage?(Wow Chris, I'm
shocked) Chris' firework display is about the time
the city across the bay has theirs...(we always think
Chris' are better)!!! To avoid the fallout, we ran
behind the house last year and enjoyed a safer view!
What a show!!!

13)...One of my favorite parts about the 4th. is
getting home and knowing, everyone else got home SAFE & sane too! Checking on
our pooch, poor baby, he's deathly afraid of all
the loud noises!

Cousin Chris's Explosive Show (last year)!

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Anonymous said...

Deb, how wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!