Sunday, July 12, 2009

Come Play, Peace & Love's Match Game

Come on down and be a contestant on the Peace & Love Match Game!! With an outta sight game board and dynomite prizes, all contestants are sure to have an awesome time!

The show begins on Sunday, July 12 and will go into syndication at midnight EST on Saturday, July 18.

Game Show Rules:

Simply match the product with the corresponding Peace & Love shop.

To view a zoomed in version of the game board, click on the second image above.

How It Works:

Each product has been given a number on the game board and it is your job as the contestant to match each product with one of the Peace & Love shops listed below. To make it interesting, each product photo has been cropped to show only a portion of the hip item.

Once you find the product in the shop, be sure to copy the product name exactly as it appears in the listing. Then submit the list of product names with the correct corresponding Peace & Love shops to me (BriefMoments) by midnight EST on Saturday, July 18.

The first 3 contestants to email Brief Moments the correct Match Game List will win one of our "fantastically funky prizes":.

*Peace & Love Game Show Hosts*

"Abby Horowitz Designs":

"Baubles Buttons Beads":

"Brief Moments"

Charming Trinkets

Dye Diana Dye

Ever so Dear

Jewel Fire Designs

Karen Casey Smith

Liberty Originals

Clan of the Mountain Dreamers

My Three Jewels

Susan Itkin Batik

A very special 'Thank You' to our game show host
Maribeth of Brief Moments

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Anonymous said...

Deb, awesome post!! Happy hunting everyone! :)