Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Peace & Love ...a place to hang out!!!

You're all invited to Peace & Love
in 1000 Markets, we went 'LIVE' last night and are soooooo excited, for you
to visit and let us know what you think!!!

Sue (ninedragons), Mem (MemsPocketPalette) and I(The Three Marketeers), are so excited and
want you to stop by the forum and let us know
what 'YOU' think!!! It's quite 'The Happening'!
If you remember the 60's & 70's :)
you'll love our market!
If you were too young to remember, I know you'll
find something you like there too...The products
are a beautiful array of what you'll remember
from the day, and so much more...You'll be
pleasantly dazzled, at what you find there...!!!
Hurry and get over there,(don't forget to leave
us a message in the forum and tell us what you

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