Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I accepted Sewphisticate's Challenge!

Etsy's Sewphisticate, asked people in
a thread, if they'd like to accept a
challenge to "The Scrappiest Scrapper
Contest", We all would have the same
materials to begin with.

Sew, sent each of us a "mini Origami
scrapbook", she'd made, in an adorable
matching box! We were told we could do
anything we wanted to them. When we're
done, she asked us to take pictures just
like we'd be listing the mini to sell,
and send them to her! Then she'll set
up her blog with questions for us, and
feature all our mini's on it!!!

She told us the size, and believe me,
that teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy mini (2"x1.5"),
scrapbook was quite the challenge to me!
I wasn't able to use my first two idea's
because the mini was too small, but I
quickly came up with an idea and went
for it!!! I finished last night and sent
Sew the pictures.

My mini's up, and linked to flickr, go
take a peek, the whole book is there. Go
check out Sew's blog. It'll be a blast to see
everyone's creation! I want to mention
there were 20 of us, that accepted Sew's
challenge, and she made each one of us
these adorable little scrapbooks
matching boxes & a fantastic envelope.

One thing I wanted to share, is that she
uses only "ONE" piece of paper to make the
mini scrapbook, everything she'd made
was origami, Sew phisticate & creative!

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Art By Cat Johnson said...

Debbie your mini book is awesome! and also a great picture! This is soo exciting!