Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Simplifying...Trying to organize & declutter~

My workroom is totally overwhelming...
I've got it all torn up and hopefully
in the end, it'll be a workable space
that I enjoy working in!!!
My space is very small and I usually
drag all my projects large or small, into
the dining room and we don't see our
table for long periods of time. :( I
hope that after I get my space organized
that I'll keep my projects in my workroom.
I wish I'd taken a pic before I started,
I'll take one to share when it's done!
For the time being, I have stuff spread
out all over the living room, we can't see
the dining room table, plus my workroom
itself is totally disheveled...I hope to
have it put together soon. Life will be
But, for today, my granddaughter Lulu,
is sick, so, I'll be with her and put
this mess on the back burner till later~
I'm fortunate to have summers off and
I'm available for mommy & daddy and
especially "little Lulu", I'm totally
into the mindset that "stuff"
can wait, Lulu loves her Nana, and I
find her little ways so free and inspiring,
I know she's going to show me so much
through her innocent eyes, that I'd
never even notice, it's amazing what
toddlers can teach us!

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