Friday, June 27, 2008

I'd been thinking about this for some time. I have a huge amount of rubber stamps, I  use for making cards, art projects with my students, and when my granddaughter visits, she also likes making projects with them...So, I started looking for one that had an eco message that I could use on my tags! I couldn't find one that had everything I wanted on it. About the same time I was looking for an eco stamp, I read about "Luchi Creations" ordering an eco friendly stamp, so she could explain to her customers about her recycled  packaging. I thought it was a great idea! So I decided to check into it! I worked on how I wanted mine to look, and what I wanted it to say and had create one for me too! So a huge, "SHOUT OUT" to "Luchi Creations" for her timely message about her eco stamp!!!, is very user friendly, and in no time, I had it ordered, and I'm happy to say, I have it already, and it's great!


joonbeam said...

Hi Debbie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and, yes, you are welcome to link mine. Thank you! I love this stamp. I've been thinking about getting one, too. Maybe I can design it on the drive and order it as soon as we get to Austin! :) See you around. Your blog is very nice and so is the treasury above this post. :)

L said...

How wonderful, I'm glad my blog was helpful! ;) I just love my stamp, I use it all the time now! You should post of picture of your stamp, I'm interested to see how it turned out!

goodkarma said...

awesome stamp! i've also had some eco-related stamps made for me by terbear on etsy ( she's absolutely fantastic to work with and the stamps are made with recycled HDPE plastic. so they're eco-friendly as well.