Sunday, May 18, 2008

~Let the Sunshine in~ (Hair)

I took my personal day Friday and had fun picking out plants and hitting the local thrift shops!!! I found a fantastic portable fire pit/barbeque. Saturday we had Lulu, she has the sniffles and was somewhat crabby. She did manage to have some fun in the back yard sliding and riding the "pink pony", later went on a walk that she enjoyed a lot. She ended up spending the night with us, so we made a bed with the cushions she normally takes naps on, and we built side bumpers out of the couch cushions. It worked out beautifully, she slept all night and stayed in her bed until I checked on her
at 7:00!!!

I met a guy at the thriftstore with an opossum, his daughter has a opossum rescue. I think I met her 10 or so years ago.(In the same thriftstore), I told him I'd love one...;) It's a secret, don't tell Jerry he's going to have a fit. They're actually very easy pets, easy to litter train and love to snuggle. The rescue ppl.usually get babies after mom gets squished. :( So they're hand fed and very tame. If I'm able to get one, I hope it's a she, and I'm planning on naming her "Kitty Possum" Kitty for short!!! If it's a male probably something like "Possey".

Out I go to plant my front flower boxes, I absolutely love how they look, a few weeks after I plant them. They seem to make this little house smile~


CiaoBella! said...

Deb, can you trust a possum with baby Lulu?
Don't know....Do you keep a possum in a cage?

Debbie~ said...

The fella I talked with said, they don't bite and put his hand in his possum's mouth. She did what Sportz does, kinda mouthed his fingers. He said, they like a cage with about 3 layers, (they like to keep house)...litter on ground floor, bed on another, etc.
I would really like one, but I would have to totally trust it to be tame. You're right, Lulu would be drawn to it like a strong magnet!!