Friday, May 2, 2008

Is it Friday the 13th.?

The kids have been off for days, not sure whats
up with that. I keep asking everyone if it's a
full moon. It's not just our class, but several
of them. Maybe it's WASL letdown or something...

Today,I was excited because Tenisha was bringing
Lulu to school to go home with me, we decided she
would bring her to school so I could show her off.
While we were in the staff room, a teacher told us
there had been a terrible wreck right outside our
school. He wanted to know which way Tenisha had
to go,because he thought the parking lot would be a
mess very soon.(Which it is normally, anyway).

As it turns out, one of our secretaries came in to
tell a fellow para her car had been hit in the
parking lot. I told Tenisha, she might want to go
move her car because she was parked either right
next to Sandi's car or behind it. As we got closer,
we see that there were other cars involved. It turns
out, Lisa's car, (my boss) was hit and Nancy's truck
was also hit!!! A parent (driving a very nice "vette",
somehow, backing into a space, says she got her foot
stuck between the gas pedal and brake and her car
shot backwards hitting all three vehicles!!! You'd
have to have seen it, to believe it!!!
Not even Friday the 13th???

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