Sunday, November 15, 2009

...and the Winner Is!

The winner of this beautiful bracelet & earring set is Laure of
as high bidder! We're so happy she participated in our
Benefit Auction and thank her from the bottom of our

All proceeds will be donated to Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark .

This is a Special Thank YOU to all the participating shops who've given so much of themselves for this event, and a 'HUGE SHOUT OUT' to katy, for creating such a beautiful bracelet & earring set, Maribeth and her hubby Vinnie for making this sweet THANK YOU POSTER as well as the Auction Poster, we are blessed to have such creative, giving artisans at Peace & Love!

FYI! All these adorable pets you see in this poster belong
to all of the participants of Peace & Love's family that
worked on this awesome project!!! Love you guys, Deb~

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