Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Colorful kitschy Collectables!

You know I looove the 'Cottage Look', but color is as big
a part of the boomers lives as 'Peace & Love', so here's
yet another part of what I love and what defines my style!

A little peek into my pyrex and chalkware(Goddy fruit, collections)!

My kitchen color is bright yellow, this picture doesn't really show
the true color!

The chalkware collection continues around the top of the cupboards
around both sides of the kitchen!

Even though I looove the cottage look and everything
vintage, it's easy to fall into color for my
kitchen, I looove the kitschy colorful chalkware
from our Grandma's kitchen! I call it my Goddy
fruity look! I especially adore the little faces
on some of the little fruity guys! I've carried
it out into my dining room, but kept the BRIGHT
yellow color in the kitchen, since the dining room
is really open to the living room, I kept it white!

I've painted the fruity design from my Corelle dishes
on my dining room cupboard and the same with my
Granddaughters itsy cupboard! It holds my VERY
colorful collection of PYREX! I found a beautiful
wool area rug with, YOU GUESSED IT, a fruity border!

I hope to find the perfect 'smallish' chandelier
that's just right and fits my dining room!


cinderelly said...

thanks debbie, for your nice comment on my blog! that so made my day!

Diane ~ said...

Deb, love your chalkware collection! If I had those, they'd be on my kitchen wall too! Love how you painted the cherry to hand from the cardinal! a totally happy kitchen! :D

Covered in Chocolate Bakery Shoppe said...

I totally love the chalkware Teapot! OMG your collection is so cute.

Anonymous said...

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