Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Bye Summer, Hello FALL! Follow Me to OUR Farmers Market, Where I Always Have A Ball!

Stroll with me through the "Farmers Market" while I choose
a few veggies and help me pick out a bouquet of flowers,
it sounds much easier than it really is! You'll see!!!

As I walk along the old uneven oil soaked dock towards one of
my very favorite places, I realize as I look out over the water,
how blessed I am to live in the Pacific Northwest, with all
of this at my doorstep!

Oh the Thinks YOU Can Think, (by Dr.Seuss)!From this vantage point!

I love to look across the small harbor of boats & docks to see the
white tents beckoning me closer...

I adore our Farmers Market, it's always a treat to all of my senses!
It naturally picks me up, from the minute I get near the water
front and as I drive onto the wharf, I can feel the excitement in the air!

I love the sights, sounds & smells of an outdoor Market!

Blueberry muffins ANYONE? Simply beautiful!

I love the festive colors!

You can't beat the quality of the fresh veggies &
fruit our local farmers have to offer! I so wish I could
send you a gentle breeze with the aroma from this booth,
it's always heavenly!

Picking my flowers is never as easy as one would think
it would be...too many choices!

Could you easily choose your bouquet?

Usually I choose my flowers because I happen upon an all
white bouquet, with oodles of white lilies,(for fragrance)!

Now you see why I must wander through the whole Farmers Market,
and usually back through again...(which I did this time)
back to the beginning for my gorgeous bouquet!

This is the sweet vendor I bought my fresh bouquet from, she
was such a delight! Normally I buy all white flowers,
I have my cottage white going on, so I opt for beautiful white
flowers most of the time, until Fall, then I go for a
beautiful fall bouquet like this one!



hello my friend.. what lovely pictures... Thanks you for you sweet are a gem!!! xxoox laura

Mem said...

Hey girl, I was looking at your blogs the other day but didn't have time to comment. It is so funny how we collect a lot of the same things for our house:) Wow, I love this farmers market. Wish I were there to share your fun day!
Big hugs, Mem