Sunday, February 22, 2009

peacelovemarket Feature Artist Mem of Mem's Pocket Palette!

Mem's my first merchant up for my
'Artisan Series' in our NEW peacelovemarket!
Mem's Pocket Palette carries an array
of 60's-70's items and I love how her
shop is also an 'Eco Friendly Shop',
full of beautifully handcrafted and
repurposed products!!!

Mem is a huge part of 'Peace & Loves'
'Golden Team', as one of the Market
Managers, (and so much more)!!!
She's also the artisan, that made
Peace & Love's beautiful banner and
the fantastic product collection mini's.

Here's a few fun items I chose for
you to see, but please go visit
her shop, it really is loaded with a
wide variety of products!!!

This necklace is made with eight strands
of burnt umber orange seed beads and
closes with a wooden button.

This piece of teak is one that she found
that had a perfect light spot on it and
she was able to incorporate the peace
sign by wood burning it in.

She made this necklace from four strands of
Black Cord and added teak wood beads in
clusters and circle teak wood with silver
findings. Notice the peace sign?

I love this piece 'Altered Threads'! She
used teak wood and embraced the peace sign
with woven threads. Canvas art is done by
patch work and quilting.

There's something else about Mem
you must know, she has a best friend
with a 'NEW' shop here on
1000 Markets
her name is Sophie and her
shop is 'Sophie's By Design' you
must go check her 'NEW' shop out, it's


katy said...

Great designs I love them!

Mem said...

Awe you are so sweet Deb! Thank you so much for including mine and Sophie's shop in your awesome blog!
Love you girl!

Sue Choppers-Wife / said...

whew, glad you didn't exclude Sophie!!! You know how our mascot is :D

Anonymous said...

Deb, great feature on Mem, who is, of course, awesome! And I'll be sure to check out Sophie's shop. :)


Tina said...

I can't wait to try this out. You make it sound so easy in the article! Have you ever been to They have a bunch of good articles on there as well. If you post yours on there you can link it back to your website. I have put a few recipes on wacania and it has driven so much traffic to my website. They have graphs that allow you to track how many people read it. Thanks J