Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Prized Possesion of mine, 'reused' as a Christmas ornament!

It lost it's mate years ago, but I realized
it was the last of something very special!
When my son was a young boy, my mom, his
Nana, made him several pairs of mittens!
Like all young boys, he played hard and
loved the snow days, like the kids today!
He'd come in dripping wet and we'd dry him
off and he'd want to go right back outside!
Luckily, he had several pairs of these mittens
his Nana had made him! As time went on, he'd
lose one or leave a pair behind somewhere and
finally we were down to this precious
'Onsie'!!! I recognized it's importance and
stored it away, until the next Christmas
and now it has a place of honor on our tree!!!

I've hung this mitten every year since my
son was a young boy, he's (34), and my mom's
been gone for over 15 years. 'Handmade',
has always been important to my family!
Notice the baker's clay, cowboy ornament
to the left of the mitten. My son made
that when he was in 2nd. grade (8).


Erin, maker of chimes said...

very cute! i've been making ornaments from quilting scraps that I rescued from my grannie's house when they were cleaning out her house after she passed away several years ago. it started out as just something to do b/c I was bored, but I've already grown attached to them and know that they'll be used to decorate our tree for many years to come!

Nathalie Brault said...

How sweet, it is so precious, great idea too, I just love it.