Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Green Tree!


I use to worry about cutting down a tree for
Christmas and then, I'd worry even more about
the length of time I kept it up!!!
It slowly lost needles and became dry as
the days went on, losing it's beautiful
aroma and increasingly becoming a fire hazard!

You see, I love Christmas and decorating has always
been a huge extravaganza at our house!!! My
birthday is the first of December, so as soon
as Thanksgiving passed, it was time to go up
in the attic and retrieve all the boxes
that have been collecting dust all
year, just waiting for this big event!

But first, out to the garden shed to get the big
box, that houses the 'tree'!!!
Yes readers, I put
up a fake tree... When I bought
it, it was very beautiful and kinda pricey(the only
thing I disliked about it was 1.)the idea of it
being fake 2.) I have to spray it with pine scent!

I've always loved the fact that I'm 'reusing'my tree over and over, (even though I understand
that tree farming is a 'renewable'resourse).
When it came down to the decision of 'real
or fake' for my family tree,
it was the worry
of a fire, that finally swayed my decision.
Yes, there has been a lot of guilt attached
to owning a fake tree. But it still stands
tall, goes up for my birthday and down New
Years weekend! Oh Christmas tree, I do love

So, now you know my dirty little secret.
I've lived with the guilt of a polyvinyl
artificial tree, and worse yet, what if I
did decide to get rid of it. Wouldn't it
be difficult to find a place to recycle it?

So readers, I want to hear it...'Oh
Christmas Tree', beautiful tree, is
yours living or as fake as fake can be?


Virginia Janet said...

Nice post.! Christmas is coming up fast. day for the decoration scramble.

Terri-Lynne said...

Ha! Thanks for sharing that. I do have my 'live' tree out on the front porch, and I will have it to put on the Midsummer Night bonfire--but next year, I suppose I'll have to save the wreaths to toss into the flames. :)

ecogeneration said...

I have the same dilemma. We've always bought live Christmas trees from the local volunteer firehouse...as a contribution and to have a beautifully smelling tree in the house. But this year, I am not sure. I am torn between buying a fake one that will last forever or buying one that we'll throwing out on the curb in January...three weeks after we buy it. I'd figured, by the time we decide, it'll be too late for a tree and I'll get a way with not buying one. Do you think my kids will notice?

Moonbeads said...

My husband and I have a fake tree that we have had for about 15 years. My husband says that, after our house, it's the best investment we ever made.