Monday, December 15, 2008

Eco Friendly Shops (Part 5)




1) Katie Kat, from LiLMonsters!

Okay you (almost) last minute shoppers!
Have I got an idea for 'YOU'!!!

We live in a world of buy it now, cheap,
who cares where it came from...Or do we?

I've had to rethink how I do things.
LIKE, what I want for my granddaughters...
First health, then happiness, and of course
I want them both! Haven't I always
wanted this for the girls...OF COURSE!!!
But now, I have to think of what
I buy, as something that could
potentionally make them sick?
Are 'YOU'
kidding me? Why should I ever have
to worry about such a thing? I won't
get into the political aspects, or what
I think of 'OUR' huge companies jobsourcing
out to (China)oops, and other countries...

Nothings being sent to ---- or anywhere else,
it's "handmade" with 'Love'!!! :)
So please, dear readers, check out TeamEcoEtsyfor your gift list and the knowledge that what
your doing is helping an artisan as well as
the peace of mind buying an earth friendly gift!

Don't we want kid friendly, earth friendly gifts
that I don't have to worry about!
This is
why I'm featuring my EcoEtsy Team!!!
They're all about being earth friendly, by reducing,
reusing, upcycling, repurposing and recycling!
Here are a few of my team members shops and
some awesome gift ideas!!! Enjoy~

1) This is one of Janes shop's! LiLMonsters!
This shop is full of darling one of a kind
little monsters, your lil darlings will
just love! Her items are made from recycled
materials and she gives 10% of her profits
go to support free arts programming for
inner-city children at Patchwork Central-
learn more at
Jane also has a second shop it's having
a sale!!! She has awesome OOAK jewelry
there! It's called, LostAndFoundObjects2!

2) My next shop is called iWunder
I have always loved her beautiful
OOAK scarfs!
She uses 'hand dyed yarns',
You'll have to hurry and order, she's
going away for Christmas! So hurry!

3)I love this anniessweatshop, she has the most
adorable pet items that could put your
dog on the "Who Who's" List! Her fleece
is derived from recycled plastic (PET).
Her shop was just featured by Inhabitat!
Check it out!!!

4) Wow, this shop is so unique!
DebbyAremDesigns If you have a
hard to buy for person on your list,
for lack of a better word...'Geek',
you must check this shop out!!! You'll
definetly find a fabulous unique gift!
She also has two other shops you'll
have to check out: ForeverInStyle, and EurekaEureka!


Nathalie Brault said...

Wow great shops, And Debbie Arem Designs and I made a trade not so long ago. She is one great lady. Cool blog.

Nathalie Brault said...

Hey it's me again, I like that you feature etsy shops like you do, it gives us a chance to be seen, I started to follow you, maybe you can visit my shop sometime Welcome.

iWunder said...

Thanks so much for featuring me here on your blog! I love it when I find these things by accident ;) Don't know about others, but I'm seeing pictures overlapped on top of each other up there. But I don't blog, so it might be my bad karma messing up my page.

Debbie~ said...

iwunder, No ones ever said that before, about the overlapping. Could it be my holiday background? It's kind of hard to get use to the way things move through it? If you check back let me know!!! Thanks, Debbie~