Saturday, November 15, 2008

I finally went to the infamous "All that Glitters Sale"

The lines were across the front of the building
down the block onto the main street in front of
the GoodWill, and thats where we were standing! As
soon as the store opened, the line started moving
and we actually got to go inside the doors. We
then were told to follow the pink line to the
glitter room, which was at the back of the store.
They were only letting in so many people at a
time and the line was doubling up and another
line started across the store from us...:(
But, we made the best of it. We had fun
talking to people in line (A shout out to
Karen from Msvl), I've already had a
convo on etsy from someone I met there!
Luckily someone fed up with lines and
the long wait from inside the Glitter
room, came out and gave us her number! when we were finally lucky
enough to get in the door,
we found
out they were all the way up too #50.
We weren't allowed to ask to look at
anything, until our # was called and
really, the glass cases with the jewelry
we wanted to see, were crowded with wall
to wall people.

After what seemed to be a lifetime.
You know how it is not quite being
able to reach the golden ring?!?!

Our # was called and we were then told we
had to wait....(again)for the next available
helper. That person would stay with us from
showcase to showcase until we were done...
What a job...So, we met our gal Alice and
we so appreciated her, she was so
helpful, cheerful and such a hard worker!
Thanks Alice!!! She works for the education
part of Goodwill and we know how awesome
they are with "Our kiddos"!!!(I work with
kids in a lifeskills class,that go into her
program when they reach high school)!
We found the prices to be high, no doubt
because "THEY CAN" get it.
We did purchase a few things, but we did
well and didn't get too caught up in the
Hoopla of "All things Glitz & Glam
! But, the
experience was unforgetable.

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