Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eco Friendly Shops (Part 3)

Blackstar's beautiful jewelry!

MiltonandMargies pumpkin pie soy wax candle!

East Coast Kitsch's darling tea cozy!

Custom order bag from Fisheye!

Liz Plummers beautiful Fantasy Garden!

Please remember it's okay to 'Reduce, Reuse &
during the holiday's! It's actually
accepted and become the "IN THING TO DO"!

My part of holiday 'Reducing & Reusing'! has
become such a fun quest(it's quickly
becoming one of my favorite hobbies).
I usually start my holiday shopping for
the kids in the summer and find fabulous
clothes and toys(and save $$$)to fill their
wish lists! My youngest granddaughter will
be two soon and I'll admit, I bought one new
item for her birthday, but other than that,
all from the 'thrifty's'. Even though,I'm very
choosy, not a problem, I start my hunt
early, it gives me plenty of time to find
awesome new and almost new items!
When I can't find what I need by recycling myself...
here's where I go to find it, you can get
everything you need and more from these artists!!!

Here are a few Eco Friendly Shops to
help you find fabulous gifts on your
lists that are "handmade" by eco
conscious folks!

1)Liz Plummer is a fantastic textile artist
that I've admired for awhile and I
think you'd make even the pickiest
person on your list, very happy with
a gift from her shop!!!

2)This shop has wonderful jewelry with
a nice selection that would make it
easy to fill a wish list for that
special someone! I've enjoyed Blackstar's
Flickr site and luvvre their cat!!!

3)Fisheye's another favorite shop I luvvre!
Great selection of eco friendly items that
she makes from recycled materials! Ask about
her custom bags!!!

4) Milton and Marge have awesome soy
wax candles that are in unique and
creative recycled holders,
so darn
cute! I luvvre the pumpkin candle!

5)East Coast Kitsch 'Recycle and Upcycle' most of their shop items, along
with using natural fibers! (I just luvvre
their catchy 'kitschy' shop name)! Great

Please take a minute and check out these
wonderful eco shops!!!


East Coast Kitsch said...

What a great way to promote the team! Thanks so much!


Katie said...

Our team does have some awesome shops!
Thanks so much for featuring my necklace and for the kind words about our cat, Althea. :) said...

excellent! I love the carbon footprint too!

jessica said...

Thank you so much for featuring my pumpkin pie teacup candle! Great way to get the word out about the team!

fisheye said...

This is a great blog! Thanks for the feature, Debbie!