Monday, November 10, 2008

Beatblack touch of 'CaNdY HeAvEn'

There I was minding my own business
checking out my Flickr contacts...
and what catches my eYe, but the
most delicious batch of chocolates!
TrUfFlEs no less. Then,
to my astonishment, I find out,
they're 'EyE CaNdY'! I now
have the will power of a petite size 3
(dream on girlfriend!) I find myself
pressing on...I want to see more,
I must see more, now that I'm not
tempted in the ways of ChOcOlAtEs PoWeRs.
As I am PoWeRlEss!
Only to find more delectible EyE CaNdY!
Now I'm totally hooked -----read-on----->
Again, I feel helpless, totally
captivated by BrIgHt RaInBoW-Y
tWiStInG mY thoughts back
to childhood dreams of my
favorite Christmas Eve Story.
Where I too, dreamed of the
beloved "ViSiOnS Of SuGaRplUms"
as they danced around in my sleepy

But really, you must go see for
yourself! But first,you must allow the
child in you to take a peek
into this WoNdErLaNd Of EyE CaNdY! Enjoy~

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