Thursday, October 23, 2008

I made this for my Etsy shop, but can't quite give it up!~Vintage Repurpose~

Have you ever made something or bought something
for someone else, and loved it sooo much, that
you decided to keep it for yourself??? Come on
be honest! I've been told by friends they've
done just that, bought a gift they've kept for
themselves. I've bought gifts for people that
I would have loved to have kept before.
So that brings me to why I asked this question!
I've wanted a pink bracelet for some time now.
I started making a bracelet for my shop,(oh I
forgot to mention it's pink), When it became
clear that this bracelet was going to be staying
right here with 'ME'!
Please share your story with me on what 'YOU'VE'

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zJayne said...

Right off the top of my head I recently "finally" sent my sister a handmade card I bought for her but couldn't part with it...I even wrote down the words before sending so I could read again and again.

THEN I wrote the artist who luckily had her email on the card and asked were I could get another one. . .she said it made her day!

The card is called The Feminine and she took each word found on a pair of Jockey for Her underwear and wrote an inspired poem...which basically says "we are enough".

Her name MJ Abell...

mine, Jane aka zJayne
Thanks for this opportunity to share!