Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Adventure!

I'm getting ready to embark into a knew
direction for myself!

I've reminded myself of a crow at times,
collecting stuff... always intrigued by bright
shiny items, one of a kinders...unique buttons,
and at times simply plain! I've made lots of
fun things with these items, dolls, whimsies,
but mostly I've just saved for someday!

...and, someday finally has come!

I'm going to start making jewelry with found
objects that mean something to 'ME', and I
know that they will to others too!!! I'll still
be reusing (upcycling, recycling), which makes
me feel good about myself and creating...
which makes me happy!!! I'll still get to
enjoy the hunt which with my antiques
has always intriqued me and been a big
part of the fun!

I'm very busy at this time with a huge
antique/garage sale, and start back to
work soon. So after things get back
to a normal routine for me, I'm going
to jump in and have some fun with my
new creative adventure!!!

I'm going to soon be closing my etsy shop
and will be under 'construction' for a short

1 comment:

Luchi said...

Aw, I love your shop! Come back soon!